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Mario Chavez and his family moved to Tracy about 20 years ago. In 1999, after graduating at the top of his class in automotive school and working for a top-tier brake and muffler chain a few years, Mario decided to open his own shop, Mission Muffler & Brake. He wanted to open a shop where he would be able to provide amazing parts for customers at an affordable price.  Since its opening, Mission Muffler & Brake has been involved in the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce in Castro Valley and Hayward.

Our Mission is to be the Best: Education, Honesty, Quality Service, and Unmatched Parts

Some of the ways that we are continually striving to be the best are through education of the customer, honest work, quality service, and providing the highest quality parts every time a customer comes to our shop. We understand that first impressions are important; but so is every other.

At Mission Muffler & Brake, we operate through empathy, taking care to educate our customers so that they understand how their money is being spent. We strive to educate every customer on the specifics of the current problem that their vehicle is having. This informs and empowers the customer so that they can make an accurate decision on what should be done with their vehicle.

We strive to be honest in all our dealings, giving customers quality service with every visit. We will give an honest estimate of what the cost of repair will be and how much the parts will be needed in the repair. We promise to take care of your vehicle while it is in our shop and will treat it as if it was our own vehicle.

The quality of our service is unbeatable at Mission Muffler & Brake because of how much we value our customers and how much experience our staff has working on automobiles. We also provide professional maintenance services to keep vehicles running for as long as possible. If a repair is necessary, we will fix the problem correctly and quickly.

Mission Muffler & Brake uses Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Mario knows that only the highest quality parts, the same that a dealer would use, are what a vehicle deserves. He understands that this is more expensive than using common aftermarket parts but he wants his customers to get the best possible parts for their money. Even though Mission Muffler uses the best parts, they maintain competitive repair prices because of the low prices that they charge for labor.

We want to leave a lasting impression that will have you recommending Mission Muffler & Brake to your family and friends. We guarantee that the repairs done to your vehicle will be done as though we were working on our own cars—done right!